Oaks Coco

This sensitive refined young mare  has the best of Thoroughbred qualities with the Vivant jumping ability.She has a beautiful nature, active and athletic, very good off the ground.

Her progeny will be especially suited for either jumping or eventing. Her dam, Nischt, was a 4 star eventer, and super-sire Vivant, a  showjumping legend.

Coco is owned by Lyn Davies and is bred under the Oaks banner.

Abracadabra     (Armitage )     
Botswana          (Baluga )        
Kaleidoscope    (Kannan )       
Karma               (Kannan)         
Kathmandu       (Kannan )       
Quicksilver.      (Quintender)

Vivant Feugo du Prelet Jalisco B Alme Z
Tornade du Prelet Uriel
Dans le Vent
Scalini VD Heffnick Landino Landgraf I
Isis Hedjaz
Etoile Filante
Nisht Cool Comet Cool Ted Bold Flip
Lemon Butter
A Star Begins Star of Heaven
Spasm Big and Bold Todman
Terracing Rock Roi

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