Vivant was the Australian superstar of 2010, with a 7th at the World Cup final and an outstanding performance at WEG in Kentucky with owner/rider Chris Chugg. All showjumpers have watched Vivant's development and been mesmerised by his energy and flamboyance. He has already made a mark with Australian breeders, producing very talented youngsters. Chris already has one at Grand Prix level. He will be sadly missed in Australia, but a boon for his new owners.


Feugo du Prelet Jalisco B Alme Z Ibrahim
Tanagra Furioso XX
Tornade du Prelet Uriel Nankin
Jesabelle de Baugy
Dans le Vent Starter
Ma Pomme
Scalini VD Heffnick Landino Landgraf I Ladykiller XX
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Etoile Filante Cold Slipper

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