ASB Indira (IIU). SOLD

Indira is both beautiful and beautifully bred  for show jumping, with the flamboyant Heartbreaker on her sire line and the very solid jumping lines of Landgraf through her dam. She is a very attractive, modern warmblood - refined and elegant.

We have been very pleased with her progeny. 

Progeny   Owner
India   x Indoctro Madison Stevens
Pindari        x Ego Pacifico Max Schofer
Centurion   x Centus Adam Wootten
Charlston x Chacco Blue Rusian Petkov aka Eurovision Chacolino
Kiribati  x Kannan   Oaks Sport Horses
Kingfisher  x Kannan Simmonds Family
Encryption x Emerald Oaks Sport horses







Heartbreaker Nimmerdor Farn Fax I
Dorette H
Ramonaa Koridon
Friedhilde II
Bacarole Silvano Le Mexico
Orchidee Uppercut
Isis van Herikhave (Imp) Burggraaf Landgraf I Ladykiller XX
Loanda Cor de la Bryere
Beaute de Villier Paladin Des IFS Uriel
Lutine des IFS
Kavalle Gordon Alme Z

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