Oaks Charcoal SOLD

Born 7/12/2014

This is an outstanding young horse - free, relaxed movement, soft across the back. He has a beautiful expressive face. With the blood of Cassall, Ratina Z and Carthago in his veins he will prove a serious jumper for a competitive rider.

Oaks Charcoal on YouTube

Calgary GNZ Casall Caretino Caletto II
Kira XVI Lavall I
Countess Calato Capitol I
Vanessa III
D-Holstendern H Silvester
Renata Ego Z Rex Z Rebel I Z Ramiro Z
Argentina Z
Ratina Z Ramiro Z
Argentina Z
Clotho Ego Z Carthago Capitol I
Ego Guinivere Grannus II
Stirling Monorose

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