We can make the breeding season easy for you by extending the professional care and handling we give our own mares and foals to those of our clients.

  • Our experienced equine vet, Steve McClintock is available around the clock
  • Natalie Gerhard, our experienced and caring stud manager and her team, provide 24hour supervision
  • Facilities include safe, shaded foaling yards, and large horse-safe paddocks with shelters 

From The Start

  • Artificial Insemination service - frozen or chilled semen
  • Management of mare's cycle, scans and pregnancy tests
  • Arrangement of Embryo Transfers
  • Semen collection - dummy available for outside stallions and vets

To The Finish

  • Foaling down
  • Foal handling - feet trims, drenching, haltering
  • Re-serving mare with foal at foot
  • Weaning
  • Gelding and vet procedures arranged


  • Crushes and vet treatment room
  • Fully supervised foaling yards, alarms
  • Stables and day yards
  • serving yard, adjustable dummy

We can provide agistment for your mare and youngster throughout the year, and provide all monitoring and nutritional requirements that are necessary through the gestating period.

Ring Natalie: 0428 131473

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